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the ambassador program

What’s it all about?

Our Ambassador program will be for the promotion of growing the Jack & Mack brand, while mutually benefiting those of you who help us. We want everyone who climbs aboard to have fun with it and be creative as possible.

What do we receive as ambassadors?

  • Discounted Jack & Mack merchandise - 40% off

  • 10% commission on sales made using your ambassador code paid via Square or Venmo (no limits on the number of commission sales)

  • Resume building opportunities such as sales, marketing, design, and modeling 

  • Insights on new merch and how we operate, as well as having a voice! (We will create a group chat for all of our ambassadors to share with you guys news and info, and welcome your input)

What will I do as an Ambassador?

  • Rep your Jack & Mack apparel and talk us up! (Going to the beach? Bring your cooler! Wear your tees, tell your roommates, text your friends and share with your families, etc)

  • Provide us with original modeling content (pictures, videos, etc) for social media (Perfect example is Tommy, Nate, Alex, Cole, Mikey, and Griffin’s photoshoot)

  • Be available for when we need models for new merchandise

  • We will provide you with a google calendar marked with dates you should be sharing social media content. We will provide you with your own personal Gmail account to help keep you organized.

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